Everything is Spherical

I’m at a bit of a crossroads in my life right now and thinking a lot about the things I have worked on in the past, what they’ve meant (or not) and about what I want to do next. I’m thinking about rejection and failure and how these are important things, and how right now, […]

Made by Dyslexia Summit 2019

Hilary and I will be attending the Made by Dyslexia international dyslexia summit on October 14th 2019. Made by Dyslexia is a charity that promotes the positive side of dyslexia and which campaigns for meaningful change to improve the lives of dyslexic people. This is the second year Made by Dyslexia has held the international […]

Chelmsford Community Radio

Earlier this month Hilary and I were interviewed on Chelmsford Community radio. We spoke about mental health, dyslexia, challenges we had overcome, life lessons and tips for success. You can listen to the full recording below, complete with our song selections. These were chosen to be inspiring and meaningful to us. The interview starts at about […]

Houses of Parliament Visit

I was recently invited to the House of Commons to attend a JCT Construction Industry event. I attended with my business partner and mother, Hilary Fearn, who is the other half of the Psyche & Heart LLP mother daughter team. And…look, I have never been to the House of Parliament before, let alone been invited to […]

I Got Married, Twice

To the same person, just in case you were wondering. Once in the UK and once in a French Chateau in the Loire Valley. I used to holiday in France with my family, when I was young. We always stayed in these mobile campers in the woods, with natural lakes, canoes to rent, right out […]

Innovation 50 Award

I still can’t believe it’s actually happened, but I won Acketts Group Ltd an Innovation 50 Award. The award is both a recognition of innovation which has resulted in demonstrable growth, but also part of a research project into how best to support SMEs. Part of the judging involved a visit from a representative of […]

Writing Group

It’s been a long time since I have attended a writing workshop or writing group, though I have done so in the past. This is mainly because I have been spending my time worrying more about writing out what I have in my head as first drafts than polishing up pieces for potential readers. I […]


I have been having dreams for the past few years about a strange little shop in a Victorian building. It is full of vintage furniture, handmade Egyptian perfume bottles that twinkle from dark corners, and the walls are covered in framed prints. The shop is Feathers in Canterbury. I used to go there all the […]

The Literary Wilderness

The first books I really remember from my childhood are by Beatrix Potter. They were the perfect size for little hands, I loved the detailed illustrations and the adventures the animal protagonists went on. There was a tie in TV series that my grandmother recorded for me on VHS tapes which I would watch over […]

Dysbooks Progress

I am currently finishing off a complete update to dysbooks.com, a website I first created in 2010. It is provides information to support dyslexic people of all ages with reading and writing. When I began Dysbooks there was not much information available to support dyslexic people with an interest in books or becoming skilled writers. […]