Innovation 50 Award

I still can’t believe it’s actually happened, but I won Acketts Group Ltd an Innovation 50 Award. The award is both a recognition of innovation which has resulted in demonstrable growth, but also part of a research project into how best to support SMEs.

award win

Part of the judging involved a visit from a representative of Anglia Ruskin University. I was interviewed by them and provided evidence of the HR changes I had made at Acketts Ltd and the impacts these had on the company. The representative was so impressed that they asked for permission to take some of my induction and training material for use as part of the study, to be used to inform future best practice.

I think one of the reasons I achieved so much at Acketts Group Ltd is that I didn’t realise anything I was doing was unusual. I was simply doing my very best for the company and the employees within it. For all my struggles, the lessons I have learned along the way mean I work harder and smarter than I ever knew.


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