Writing Group

It’s been a long time since I have attended a writing workshop or writing group, though I have done so in the past. This is mainly because I have been spending my time worrying more about writing out what I have in my head as first drafts than polishing up pieces for potential readers.

I have made some fantastic progress with writing longer fiction. This is going to be a long term process, though, and recently I decided to write more short stories. I miss getting more writing finished in a faster time frame and I know when I am ready to to send out books to agents or perspective publishers then having a track record of publishing short fiction will be beneficial, especially if I can get into some top magazines.

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That isn’t going to be easy, the sort of magazines I am aiming for only accept a tiny number of the submissions they receive. It’s been a while since I regularly wrote short fiction and I am going to have to make sure my work really shines to increase my chances. I have found myself obsessing over comma placements and overthinking whole paragraphs.

While the idea of a writer toiling alone in a study with a sturdy desk is romantic, beta readers and critiques are incredibly useful once you think you are done with what you are working on.

There is a writing group locally but I mainly write speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, horror) which is less represented, and the internet is a wonderful thing. Google can instantly offer up writing groups that fit most writing niches.

I have gone for Critters, which is well established writing group mainly for speculative fiction writers. The website is very wordy, so not ideal for a dyslexic like me, but I find it manageable. It is really encouraging to see examples of others work (it is all done via email as some publishers view anything posted online as already published) and simply writing critiques for others again has helped me with my own work.

I will keep you updated with how I get on.

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