Dysbooks Progress

I am currently finishing off a complete update to dysbooks.com, a website I first created in 2010. It is provides information to support dyslexic people of all ages with reading and writing.

When I began Dysbooks there was not much information available to support dyslexic people with an interest in books or becoming skilled writers. Most of the information available was aimed at selling tuition services or apps to teach dyslexic children literacy skills. There was very little information on how to support young people while learning these skills. I could find no support for adults or teenagers who wanted to engage with reading and writing. It was almost as if it were assumed once dyslexic people learnt the basics they would have no interest in continuing to learn about such things.


When I was six years old I found out I was dyslexic and was told by teachers at my Primary School that I would never read or write. I was very lucky to have specialist support growing up and some fantastic English teachers. I got good grades at GCSE, and in my A Levels. I studied English, American Studies and Creative Writing at The University of Kent, graduating with a 2.1. I even worked in a bookshop for over four years before beginning my career in HR.

Dysbooks is the website I needed but could not find when I was a bookish dyslexic child, teenager and adult. Most of the information I have learnt growing up as a dyslexic person and through supporting other dyslexic people is on the website. My hope is that it will ease other dyslexic people’s journey into the world of literature, and through life generally.

It has not been easy to get to where I am but I do not regret what I have been through to get here. I always promised myself that whatever I achieved I would do my best to support other dyslexic people with what I gained. I feel continuing to develop Dysbooks is one of the most efficient and beneficial ways in which I can give back to others.

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