Everything is Spherical Anthology

Sarah Fearn edited Everything is Spherical with Naomi Folb. It includes Sarah Fearn’s short story, Web’s.

The anthology was funded by POET (Performance of English Trust)

It is widely accepted now that dyslexia and creativity are linked. But the concept of dyslexics-as-authors is still new and emerging. This anthology explores the dyslexic’s creativity from the perspective of contemporary dyslexic writers. It includes a poem by the award winning writer Sally Gardner, a foreword by the esteemed dyslexic novelist Dr Louise Tondeur, and an essay by the renowned dyslexia expert Dr Ross Cooper. As a collection, it offers both autobiographical and fictional writing, and tackles a breadth of themes such as, what it means to be dyslexic, dyslexia and innovation, as well as learning to see yourself as thinking outside the norm. It offers readers visual narratives, thick with subversiveness, magic and reflection.

Everything is Spherical – RASP

Press coverage:

Sally Gardner: Dyslexia and me – The Guardian

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